Securing On-Premises AD with Azure Sentinel

Introduction: The majority of organizations are operating in a hybrid state, which means that a lot of organizations still have to deal with their On-Premises Active Directory environment. Active Directory exists for more than a decade, but it hasn’t always been secured properly. Multiple changes are configured everyday, and it’s hard to find out, whichContinue reading “Securing On-Premises AD with Azure Sentinel”

Mitigate RDP attacks on Azure VM’s with Just-in-Time Access

Introduction There are organizations who have migrated some of their on-premise machines to the Cloud of Azure, because it can reduce the workload. What’s great about this is the fact, that you don’t need to maintain all the physical hardware anymore. However it’s becomes a shared responsibility, when you have resources running in Azure. ThisContinue reading “Mitigate RDP attacks on Azure VM’s with Just-in-Time Access”